Welcome to the Building Environmental Justice Tool

This free tool has been developed for design teams & community development advocates to be used on building projects.

Environmental justice (EJ) & social equity issues are different and nuanced from project to project with no cookie-cutter solutions.

With that in mind, this toolkit provides the data, resources, and framework to identify pressing issues and document your journey to accounting for more equitable design.

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Are you part of a project team?

Use the Project Tool's interactive questionnaire to incorporate social equity on all your projects and help achieve 1 LEED point in the Integrative Process credit.

The Project Tool provides a localized data dashboard & interactive toolkit (created by the USGBC) to identify the needs of the community, assess your project’s impacts, and document your team's actions.

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Are you a local community advocate?
Use this public dashboard to find out more about projects and reach out to the project team as a community advocate. Add your profile so project teams can find you and reach out directly.

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Is your project seeking a local expert?
Discover & connect with community advocates that are looking to be engaged on projects and provide their expertise.

Resources Hub

Are you looking for more data or guides?
This module lists other relevant tools, data sources, guides, and frameworks to apply on your project or initiative.

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Find What You Need

We have created an index filled with Environmental Justice Data, Tools, Organizations and Guides so you can easily find them all in one place.

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Connect with Local Experts

A public-facing directory of EJ practitioners & community advocates for design teams to find and cultivate beneficial relationships with on their projects.

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Connect with projects

A public-facing dashboard for local community advocates, EJ practitioners, and CBOs to gain transparency into projects & actively connect with design teams.

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Support for the tool

We would like to thank HOK, Stantec, Jacobs, Quinn Evans, and the Large Firm Roundtable for their generous support. Thanks also to our steering committee – made up of members from NAACP’s Centering Equity in the Sustainable Building Sector, National Organization for Minority Architect, and the large firm roundtable – for their vision, guidance, and feedback throughout the tool’s development.

The Building EJ Tool was developed by the team at Autocase, with the help of a steering committee guiding the process.

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