Tutorial Videos

Use the 1-2 minute tutorial videos to help you use the Building EJ Tool.

Tutorial #1 About the Building EJ Tool

Tutorial #2 Accessing the Tool & Signing Up

Tutorial #3 Project Tool: Overview & Creating a Project

Tutorial #4 Project Tool: Exploring the Data Dashboard

Tutorial #5 Project Tool: Using the Interactive Questionnaire

Tutorial #6 Project Tool: Needs Assessment, Project Equity Goals, and Stakeholder Table

Tutorial #7 Project Tool: Identifying Gaps & Seeking Support

Tutorial #8 Project Tool: Summary Page & Submitting for LEED Points

Tutorial #9 Project Tool: How to Make Your Project Publicly Accessible

Tutorial #10 Find People: Reach Out to Community Advocates for Your Project

Tutorial #11 Find People: Creating a Profile as a Community Advocate or EJ Practitioner

Tutorial #12 Find Projects: Explore & Reach Out to Projects

Tutorial #13 Resource Hub: Accessing Other Tools, Frameworks, & Guides

Tutorial #14 Contact Us or Request a More in Depth Tutorial

Support for the tool

We would like to thank HOK, Stantec, Jacobs, Quinn Evans, and the Large Firm Roundtable for their generous support. Thanks also to our steering committee – made up of members from NAACP’s Centering Equity in the Sustainable Building Sector, National Organization for Minority Architect, and the large firm roundtable – for their vision, guidance, and feedback throughout the tool’s development.

The Building EJ Tool was developed by the team at Autocase, with the help of a steering committee guiding the process.

Learn more about why we made this tool
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